When it comes to baby sleep training, my belief is it is a precious gift that we as parents have the privilege of giving our child. 

There are plenty of sites which help parents with getting their babies to sleep through the night when it has come to a breaking point for them.

That's not what I'm offering here. 

What I wish to offer is a calm and confident approach to help parents who are planful and like to think ahead (like us!)

I enrolled me and my husband for a baby sleep training class when I was pregnant. On reflection, I realised that was the best time to learn because I had the energy and time to absorb the information.

The class was great, but the downside was it took up 12 hours of our time, and it was conducted face-to-face and the runs were limited.
I felt that there could be a better way, and I could distill the essence of what first-time parents needed to know about baby sleep training in less than 1 hour by offering an on-demand video program about the system that I had tried, tested and tweaked to help my baby sleep through the night consistently by the time he was 4 months old.  

This is a project that is very close to my heart because it was not easy for us to conceive our baby, and he is the most precious gift ever.

I feel the need to help and provide the support and a community for other first-time parents by creating a platform where we can gather and apply real-time knowledge as we go through this journey together once the baby arrives!

Ultimately, it's my hope and dream that all parents who share the same beliefs can give this precious gift of sleep to our babies, and enjoy building strong and healthy relationships not just with our child, but also with our partners and our support team of grandparents, nannies and childcare providers.

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